Oh! shoot I am bored and it seems like the weather is cooperating with me. Glad that I’d stayed home, since I do have all the time that I need might as well I have to be productive.

I am not that a skilled blogger but I have to admit that I am working on it out. Well, I guess this could be my first post and I wish I can get the attention of others at some ways also I would like to learn from the experts in the field of writing a blog.

I guess I have to start introducing myself first!

I am a College student which I can say am happy with it.
I have this passion in writing that I want to really improve.
I’m into outdoor sport, it’s the best activity for me whenever I do feel burned-out from heavy loads at school.
I do love to travel and explore different place that will make my heart satisfied.
I am a happy-go-lucky lady who do not plan my life and just go with the flow.

I’m not that complicated type of person, I do enjoy doing simple things that will make me smile that’s all.

Now I am officially opening my blog.