This is weird of me right? To write a post about what I like about mondays? Well, don’t expect this post to be kinda informative about what I like with Mondays because I just can’t find a decent title for this post. Forgive me to be writing these words.

First let me ask you a question okay? Do you like mondays? Well, I bet no. Half of the world’s population, I bet, don’t like mondays for the fact that it’s next to sunday, one of the best days of the week. Monday is considered to be the day when most of the people are lazy especially those in the working class.


Let’s also include the students for goodness sake. Believe me, what I’m saying is true. I’ve read articles about it because I wrote a post about it just last week. Well, I belong in the working class so you need to not to ask me this question. Wait, how would you ask me when I am the one who wrote this post. I am mad. Really mad. Guess I need to stop this post now or I might say more senseless things. Thank you for reading this with me.