Just a realization since there are a lot of things that is happening around which are definitely good and bad. Well, I can say that I also have ways on how I can make myself better regardless of the chaotic situations that I might experience along the way. I can say that I am the type of person that does not need extravagant things just to set my mood up. I actually believe that once you are contented with simple stuff you will then enjoy and value life the most.


1. Good Books – since I am a book lover as much as possible I don’t want to limit myself in reading almost anything at all. I do want to give myself a lot of space to learn and discover new things from every books that I encounter.


2. Yummy Foods – eating is simply hard to resist! It’s something that I don’t want to deprive myself with. Yummy foods are simply the best source of energy and happiness as well.

3. Nice Sleep – it might be difficult to sleep at exact time, but for me it does feel heaven when I got myself nice and good sleep from a super busy and tiring day. Giving myself a good amount of sleep can make me feel A-Okay the next day.


Having these kind of lifestyle is simply hard to achieve but then as much as possible I want to make it possible in way that I do know how.