Coffee Boost

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Nothing beats the aroma of coffee.

Nothing can stop me from sipping it in the morning when I try my best to have a good day.

Nothing beats the calmness it gives me.

Nothing beats the addiction I have for coffee.

Nothing beats the good ‘ol coffee dates.


You Can Be An Optimistic Person


With all the chaos in the world, sometimes it is easy to lose hope and invite negative forces. It is easy to choose depression over happiness. But this should not be the scenario in life. I always choose to be happy though sometimes it’s really hard because of the complexities of my life. The people around me seems to be really depress and I’m making some ways to make them feel that happiness is always around the corner. I want to share these ways to you in the hope of making people happy and optimistic in the end.



1. You must believe that optimistic attitude is a choice – It’s really hard to make yourself choose this one. Do not blame others or things that causes depression and negativity in your life. You must choose to teach yourself the positive attitude. Even if you are in bad situation, you will always have the choice to choose the positive side of the things.

2. Look for an inspiration – This one will help you to look forward and never bother to see the past. Choose something that will inspire you to reach your goal. Something that makes you excited everyday. Or better yet, find someone who will inspire you to make things better for yourself. This ain’t bad, right?

3. Share your optimism and joy – “Happiness only real when shared.” This quote is from Christopher McCandless, Into the Wild. I always believe that happiness must be shared to make it more memorable and more fun. Share what makes you happy. Share your positive attitude with other people so that they can perceive life as a happy one.

There is no use to live life on negative things, it will only make you cry and depress. Always choose happiness for your life. Make sure you live your life full of optimism.

Top 5 Responsibilities of An Executive Assistant

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The job of an executive assistant may differ greatly from one organization to another. The exact work detail for this line of job is based on the organization of the business where the assistant is employed and the level of assistance that the executive needs from the assistant. An executive assistant is like an upgraded version of a personal secretary. She manages the work life of her executive and sometimes private affairs, as well.

In general, the executive assistant has 5 responsibilities. These are:

Clerical Duties

An executive assistant usually handles communication, organizes information, prepares email and calls, plans events, set travel preparations and general managerial duties.

Contrary to what you see in movies, an executive assistant job does not always entail flashy travels and celebrated meetings. Her everyday job is clerical in nature. Executive assistants are usually in charge of managing their boss’ paperwork. Paperwork may include creating letters, documents, collecting and evaluating information.

This includes email, snail mail, business correspondences and simple filing of documents. Assistants are also expected to operate a calendar, keep a track of meeting and conference schedules and appointments.

A part of her daily task would include answering and making phone calls, sending messages to the appropriate contact person, and handling correspondence like emails and formal letters. An assistant is also expected to handle paper and electronic files. She is also responsible for saving time of her executive by reading, studying and forwards communication to the proper department.

Admin Tasks

In a small business, the executive assistant would be the one to conduct human resources work like posting job vacancies, interviewing candidates and conducting an examination for the job applicant.

Sometimes, the job description would also include tasks like approval of vacation and sick leaves. She is also the go-to person when it comes to documents that need executive approval.

Specialized Tasks

An executive assistant’s tasks often require trade knowledge and business expertise, especially when it comes to supervising research, arranging reports, negotiating with tough clients and circumstances and forecasting business demands.

An outstanding executive assistant is someone who can manage to work under pressure of meeting deadlines and face difficult work situations.

Supervision of other assistants

An executive assistant may have her own assistants depending on the size and structure of the organization. They may generally be secretaries or entry level clerical employees. The executive assistant is normally accountable for guiding their duties, and appointing assignments to them.

The boss may have little or no say in the secretarial structure the executive assistant may set. The executive assistant has the decision on commendations, pay raises and development of her assistants.

She is also the one who conducts training and coaching on her subordinate assistants so they can do a more effective and efficient job.

Maintain executive’s office

An executive assistant makes sure all equipment used for everyday operation is working. She is expected to do preventive repair requirements, follow manufacturer’s tutorial, troubleshoot malfunctions, call for technical repairs, keep an equipment inventory and research new devices and procedures for better productivity.

She keeps herself abreast with professional and technological knowledge by attending informational workshops, reviewing industry literature, establishing professional networks and participating in business groups.

Career Outlook for an Executive Assistant

The overall hiring rate for executive assistants is expected to grow 13% from 2010-2021, which is as fast as the average for all jobs.

Salary Outlook

As recorded in 2012, an executive assistant earns an average salary of $46,670. This is according to a report from the Labor Department.

The highest annual salary for an executive assistant is nearly $72,340 while the lowest amount is around $31,050. The highest paid executive assistants are based in New York City, Nassau in New York and San Jose, California.

Your Decision

With this short description of a life of an executive assistant, are you willing take the challenge and become one?

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Our nature has blessed us with healthy ingredients those are good for skin, hair and body. Tea tree oil can be considered to be one among them. This rare oil is found in the forests of Australia, and it is known for its beauty, medicinal and healing purposes for over 3000 years. Some of the other amazing benefits of it are listed below.


HELPS TO REDUCE ACNEYou might have tried using many ingredients or medicines to get rid of acne, but might have failed. In such conditions just try using tea tree oil. Benefits of tea tree oil like antiseptic properties helps to treat blemishes and at the same time its antibacterial properties will control the formation of new ones. 

HELPS TO HEAL BURNS: In case of skin irritation by any minor burn, apply tea tree oil. This will help to soothe it.

Method of application: Wash the affected area with cold water and then apply tea tree oil which is well mixed with honey. Repeat this on regular basis to avoid scarring of the skin.

HELPS TO MOISTURIZE DRY SKIN: Oil is a natural moisturizer. Tea tree oil can be mixed with any other oil and applied on the skin. 2 to 3 drops of tea tree oil can be added to any other oil. Using this mixed oil we can massage our body regularly, especially on our elbows and knees, because these areas get drier soon.

HELPS TO GET RID OF DANDRUFF AND LICE: Our scalp feels itchy in the presence of dandruff or lies. In order to get rid of this, add a few drops of this oil to your shampoo. To get better results use it weekly.

HELPS TO HEAL RAZOR CUTS: If you cut yourself accidentally while shaving, just dab some tree tea oil on a cotton ball and apply on the cut. Press it on the cut for a while till the pain reduces.

TREATS INGROWN HAIR: Most of the people suffer from this problem. Tea tree oil helps to fix this problem. Apply drops of this oil directly on the in-growth after cleaning the area. And now exfoliate the hair. The oil contains antiseptic, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties which will reduce in growths.

HELPS TO REDUCE RASHES: If there is a rash on the skin it can be treated easily by applying a mixture of tea tree oil and coconut oil. Aloe Vera can also be used instead of coconut oil.

These are the few benefits of tea tree oil. Even body washes and lotions with tea tree oil are available. They have an amazing soothing and healing property.



*Catherine Williams is a writer , who has written many interesting articles at Bestcollegehunt

I Love Life

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I consider myself one of those people who value life more than anything else in this world. The moment I was born, I brought great happiness to my mother and father. They always tell me that I was the only one they ever wanted in this world. They want nothing more than see me growing up to be a fine lady and responsible citizen. I can feel their love everyday with the things they sacrifice for me like their jobs. My mother had to resign to her dream job as a book writer because she doesn’t want me to be left under the care of a nanny. That job she just slipped away was her dream job. She worked hard just to be able to grasp it. Then she gave it up to be able to be with me.


My father also sacrificed something important to him just to give my family a comfortable life. He had to work in a foreign country to provide more for our family especially me. I am living a life different from normal people because I am able to study in a prestigious school. That is only one of the privileges I got with the work of my father.

What I can give them back from the many things they’ve done for me is to fulfill my dreams and be the best person I can be and live up to their expectations and my family’s principles.

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