Coffee Boost

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Nothing beats the aroma of coffee.

Nothing can stop me from sipping it in the morning when I try my best to have a good day.

Nothing beats the calmness it gives me.

Nothing beats the addiction I have for coffee.

Nothing beats the good ‘ol coffee dates.


The Things You Will Always Regret If You Don’t Do Them

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“We convinced ourselves that we were investing in something, when all we were doing was excusing our cowardice.”

Nice read!

Thought Catalog

One of my friends moved to Berlin when she was 21. She dropped out of a shitty state college where she was pursuing a degree in communications (with a minor in music, for good measure), and left. She didn’t get a proper visa and only had about 1500 dollars to her name when she went, sleeping on a friend’s couch “until she got on her feet.” She did their chores and cooked them dinner and kept her little space as clean as possible.

We all made fun of her before she left, mostly behind her back, but occasionally to her face. “What is she going to do over there? Be a hooker?” the more callous friends would ask. Once I told her, “I’m just worried about you. I don’t think you’re thinking this through.” She smiled at me and told me that she had thought it through, but that there…

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You Can Be An Optimistic Person


With all the chaos in the world, sometimes it is easy to lose hope and invite negative forces. It is easy to choose depression over happiness. But this should not be the scenario in life. I always choose to be happy though sometimes it’s really hard because of the complexities of my life. The people around me seems to be really depress and I’m making some ways to make them feel that happiness is always around the corner. I want to share these ways to you in the hope of making people happy and optimistic in the end.



1. You must believe that optimistic attitude is a choice – It’s really hard to make yourself choose this one. Do not blame others or things that causes depression and negativity in your life. You must choose to teach yourself the positive attitude. Even if you are in bad situation, you will always have the choice to choose the positive side of the things.

2. Look for an inspiration – This one will help you to look forward and never bother to see the past. Choose something that will inspire you to reach your goal. Something that makes you excited everyday. Or better yet, find someone who will inspire you to make things better for yourself. This ain’t bad, right?

3. Share your optimism and joy – “Happiness only real when shared.” This quote is from Christopher McCandless, Into the Wild. I always believe that happiness must be shared to make it more memorable and more fun. Share what makes you happy. Share your positive attitude with other people so that they can perceive life as a happy one.

There is no use to live life on negative things, it will only make you cry and depress. Always choose happiness for your life. Make sure you live your life full of optimism.

The Beginning

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Well, hello guys! I missed writing anything under the sun. School life has been busy. But I tell you what, I’m happy about it! 🙂

I got a message to you, guys. Hope this one will inspire you to more forward and do good things.


The Other Side of Creative Writing

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Movies are one big part of everyone’s lives. Sometimes, there are some people who sees their lives as a big movie. Like me, I always view my life as a movie wherein I am the lead actress and the story revolves around my life. Well, I have seen several movies and I can say that one movie that really caught my attention was the silent movie called the “Phantom of the Opera.”

It really caught my attention that it gave a new spark in my writing interest. Because of that movie, I wanted to try writing some screenplay. I’ve tried doing some which are kinda related to that stuff like story board writing, story line outline writing and even script writing. I guess  have already outgrew a part of creative writing. I sued to do some research paper writing. At first, I really enjoyed doing it but as time passes by, I already in myself that I am already through with it. I need another thing to enhance my writing skills.

So far, I am already on my way in dealing with another part of creative writing. but I guess a lot of practice is really inevitable. I think this stuff I am dealing with right now like, story writing, research paper writing, etc. would serve as my training ground for my future endeavor.



Just a realization since there are a lot of things that is happening around which are definitely good and bad. Well, I can say that I also have ways on how I can make myself better regardless of the chaotic situations that I might experience along the way. I can say that I am the type of person that does not need extravagant things just to set my mood up. I actually believe that once you are contented with simple stuff you will then enjoy and value life the most.


1. Good Books – since I am a book lover as much as possible I don’t want to limit myself in reading almost anything at all. I do want to give myself a lot of space to learn and discover new things from every books that I encounter.


2. Yummy Foods – eating is simply hard to resist! It’s something that I don’t want to deprive myself with. Yummy foods are simply the best source of energy and happiness as well.

3. Nice Sleep – it might be difficult to sleep at exact time, but for me it does feel heaven when I got myself nice and good sleep from a super busy and tiring day. Giving myself a good amount of sleep can make me feel A-Okay the next day.


Having these kind of lifestyle is simply hard to achieve but then as much as possible I want to make it possible in way that I do know how.

My Education About The Syrian Conflict


The world news has been centered on the Syrian conflict for a number of days. This is because of the alleged use of chemical weapons by the Assad regime on its citizens. With deaths amounting to more than a thousand young men and women including children due to chemical weapons, the world especially the United States are forced to take a look for a possible solution to the Syrian conflict. As horrifying as the deaths of hundreds of children are,  the United Nations are still in limbo as to what to do. They have been in limbo for the past 2 years since this conflict has started.


Syria child bombmaker

Syrian child bomb-maker


As a simple person who wants to help prevent atrocities like the killing of hundreds of children, I wanted to educate myself with what is going on in the world that I am living in.  There are a lot of debate as to what is the best solution to this problem. Some say it is time to attack the Syrian government for murdering the lives of the innocent children and thousands more its citizens. Some would say that the Syrian people should take action and let them solve their own problems.  I say we must stop the killing in Syria, that is what the UN is for. It should uphold the rights of every person especially women and children. We must work towards ending this conflict once and for all. One thing we must do is to act not tomorrow but today.

Be Motivated To Write In A Gloomy Weather

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In spite of the gloomy weather outside, I am in the right mood to write. Writing is just a hobby for me and admittedly I only do it when I am motivated. Believe it or not, but my motivation to write actually depends on the weather. It sounds odd but that is true. It is nice to sit comfortably in front of my computer while looking through the window when it’s gray and grim outside.

pic 1

Other writers have their own motivations to write and I really admire those who are naturally gifted when it comes to putting down their thoughts on paper. Whatever mood they are in or whatever weather is there outside they have bountiful and bottomless energy that they never run out of ideas nor lose their focus in writing. How I wish I have that kind of talent, when ideas and words just flow effortlessly from my mind into my fingertips without being distracted on whatever is happening around me.

pic 2

But anyway, I won’t let this gloomy and gray weather passes by without writing anything. This is the perfect time for me to write. I can feel that there are some good ideas percolating inside my head already. This type of weather really gets my imagination and creativity on fire. I should get going and work on my story. So yeah, I have to leave you here because I am working for something. Once I’m done with it I will gonna share it here so look forward to it.

My Top 5 Favorite Quotes About Writing


Writing is one of the things I always do on my spare time. But you know, I’m not professional. I just make sure that I can use the subject-verb agreement properly. Putting up this blog is an activity of mine to enhance my skills in writing. It is like a practice for me. I have a love and hate relationship with writing. There are times that I am really enthusiastic with writing and no one can interrupt me to write all those ideas popping out of my head. But most of the time, laziness comes in. Times that you are too lazy to write anything. Words are slipping out and no idea at all. When these times are haunting me, I only read quotes pertaining to writing. It inspires me and help me to write creatively.

1. STEPHEN KING – If you don’t have time to read, you don’t have the time (or the tools) to write. Simple as that.

My say: It’s a good thing to read. Then you can write some thing. Even if it is a simple writing about your day.

2. SYLVIA PLATH – And by the way, everything in life is writable about if you have the outgoing guts to do it, and the imagination to improvise. The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt.

My say: Have the guts to write. Anything. Work your mind out.

3. WILLIAM FAULKNER – Read, read, read. Read everything — trash, classics, good and bad, and see how they do it. Just like a carpenter who works as an apprentice and studies the master. Read! You’ll absorb it. Then write. If it’s good, you’ll find out. If it’s not, throw it out of the window.

My say: Be a voracious reader.

4. DOUGLAS ADAMS – I love deadlines. I love the whooshing noise they make as they go by.

My say: Beating the deadline is your goal.

5. BARBARA KINGSOLVER – Don’t try to figure out what other people want to hear from you; figure out what you have to say. It’s the one and only thing you have to offer.

My say: Speak your mind and heart. Let people know what you can offer. Share them your adventure.


About Monday


This is weird of me right? To write a post about what I like about mondays? Well, don’t expect this post to be kinda informative about what I like with Mondays because I just can’t find a decent title for this post. Forgive me to be writing these words.

First let me ask you a question okay? Do you like mondays? Well, I bet no. Half of the world’s population, I bet, don’t like mondays for the fact that it’s next to sunday, one of the best days of the week. Monday is considered to be the day when most of the people are lazy especially those in the working class.


Let’s also include the students for goodness sake. Believe me, what I’m saying is true. I’ve read articles about it because I wrote a post about it just last week. Well, I belong in the working class so you need to not to ask me this question. Wait, how would you ask me when I am the one who wrote this post. I am mad. Really mad. Guess I need to stop this post now or I might say more senseless things. Thank you for reading this with me.

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