Jamaica wasn’t one of the places I wanted to visit when I was just a little girl. In fact, I wasn’t aware that a nation called Jamaica was existing, until it was introduced to us during the fifth grade by our geography teacher. I know a little about Jamaica before, aside from the fact that it is a small country located in the Caribbean paradise. Until I reached my first year high school and I befriended some Jamaicans from our class. These people introduced to me a very wonderful music called reggae and the person behind it, Bob Marley. From then on, I became more interested in Jamaica and its culture. I would really like to be more acquainted to the land of the “Rainbow Flag” or what they call as “Xaymacca.”

Being the traveler that I am, I would really love to visit that place. But from where I stand right now, I guess it would be impossible. Aside from my studies and as well as my other endeavors, budget is also to be considered. Let’s face it, a Caribbean vacation would surely cost me a lot of fortune. It’s kinda pricey knowing the fact that a paradise of pristine shores and an Island of rich culture awaits you there. I guess I really have to earn a good amount of funds just to fulfill that particular bullet in my bucket list.

For now, I would just steely on by working a lot of school work such as those nasty academic papers, reviews and even dealing with grumpy professors. But mark my words, some day I would walk on the shores of that Island and I would conquer my own Lion of Judah and find Zion. (Gee, talk about being trying hard in doing patois talk. lol.)