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To all newbie, seasoned, and aspiring writers out there!

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Do you have a story worth telling? Share it with me. I’d love to read your story. ūüôā


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Our nature has blessed us with healthy ingredients those are good for skin, hair and body. Tea tree oil can be considered to be one among them. This rare oil is found in the forests of Australia, and it is known for its beauty, medicinal and healing purposes for over 3000 years. Some of the other amazing benefits of it are listed below.


HELPS TO REDUCE ACNE: You might have tried using many ingredients or medicines to get rid of acne, but might have failed. In such conditions just try using tea tree oil. Benefits of tea tree oil like antiseptic properties helps to treat blemishes and at the same time its antibacterial properties will control the formation of new ones. 

HELPS TO HEAL BURNS: In case of skin irritation by any minor burn, apply tea tree oil. This will help to soothe it.

Method of application: Wash the affected area with cold water and then apply tea tree oil which is well mixed with honey. Repeat this on regular basis to avoid scarring of the skin.

HELPS TO MOISTURIZE DRY SKIN: Oil is a natural moisturizer. Tea tree oil can be mixed with any other oil and applied on the skin. 2 to 3 drops of tea tree oil can be added to any other oil. Using this mixed oil we can massage our body regularly, especially on our elbows and knees, because these areas get drier soon.

HELPS TO GET RID OF DANDRUFF AND LICE: Our scalp feels itchy in the presence of dandruff or lies. In order to get rid of this, add a few drops of this oil to your shampoo. To get better results use it weekly.

HELPS TO HEAL RAZOR CUTS: If you cut yourself accidentally while shaving, just dab some tree tea oil on a cotton ball and apply on the cut. Press it on the cut for a while till the pain reduces.

TREATS INGROWN HAIR: Most of the people suffer from this problem. Tea tree oil helps to fix this problem. Apply drops of this oil directly on the in-growth after cleaning the area. And now exfoliate the hair. The oil contains antiseptic, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties which will reduce in growths.

HELPS TO REDUCE RASHES: If there is a rash on the skin it can be treated easily by applying a mixture of tea tree oil and coconut oil. Aloe Vera can also be used instead of coconut oil.

These are the few benefits of tea tree oil. Even body washes and lotions with tea tree oil are available. They have an amazing soothing and healing property.



*Catherine Williams is a writer , who has written many interesting articles at Bestcollegehunt

My Reading Journey

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Aside from writing, one of the things that I really like doing during my spare time is reading. In fact, even if I’m busy with my studies as long as I have extra few minutes of my time I still grab a book and start reading. I have lots of friends who are also bookish or love reading. Actually, this is one common characteristic that we have. We all love books. We talk about what we’ve read and we share everything that we’ve learned through reading. Reading is such an interesting hobby. The reason I love it is because in every book that I read it always takes me into another world. It exercise my imagination and it develops my creativity in writing.

Others say that if you want to become a really good writer you must become a wide reader. Through reading, you can learn variety of approaches on your writing. When you read often you will notice how other writers create their own world into their written works and you can also apply it on your writing. There are plenty of benefits that reading can do for you so I really urge you to at least read and finish a book. When you indulge yourself into reading, you will not only entertained by what you are reading you will also get an emotional satisfaction on it.

If you are encouraged and want to try reading a book, allow me to share you some good reads that you will surely love. I have read these books and I truly enjoyed it. I read different kinds of genre and I don’t limit myself in one particular type of reading. I want to explore all types of book because I want to go in entirely different worlds.

1. To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee


2.  Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen


3.  The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald

4. The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain

5.  Les Misérables by Victor Hugo

The Other Side of Creative Writing

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Movies are one big part of everyone’s lives. Sometimes, there are some people who sees their lives as a big movie. Like me, I always view my life as a movie wherein I am the lead actress and the story revolves around my life. Well, I have seen several movies and I can say that one movie that really caught my attention was the silent movie called the “Phantom of the Opera.”

It really caught my attention that it gave a new spark in my writing interest. Because of that movie, I wanted to try writing some screenplay. I’ve tried doing some which are kinda related to that stuff like story board writing, story line outline writing and even script writing. I guess ¬†have already outgrew a part of creative writing. I sued to do some research paper writing. At first, I really enjoyed doing it but as time passes by, I already in myself that I am already through with it. I need another thing to enhance my writing skills.

So far, I am already on my way in dealing with another part of creative writing. but I guess a lot of practice is really inevitable. I think this stuff I am dealing with right now like, story writing, research paper writing, etc. would serve as my training ground for my future endeavor.



Just a realization since there are a lot of things that is happening around which are definitely good and bad. Well, I can say that I also have ways on how I can make myself better regardless of the chaotic situations that I might experience along the way. I can say that I am the type of person that does not need extravagant things just to set my mood up. I actually believe that once you are contented with simple stuff you will then enjoy and value life the most.


1. Good Books – since I am a book lover as much as possible I don’t want to limit myself in reading almost anything at all. I do want to give myself a lot of space to learn and discover new things from every books that I encounter.


2. Yummy Foods – eating is simply hard to resist! It’s something that I don’t want to deprive myself with. Yummy foods are simply the best source of energy and happiness as well.

3. Nice Sleep – it might be difficult to sleep at exact time, but for me it does feel heaven when I got myself nice and good sleep from a super busy and tiring day. Giving myself a good amount of sleep can make me feel A-Okay the next day.


Having these kind of lifestyle is simply hard to achieve but then as much as possible I want to make it possible in way that I do know how.

My Education About The Syrian Conflict


The world news has been centered on the Syrian conflict for a number of days. This is because of the alleged use of chemical weapons by the Assad regime on its citizens. With deaths amounting to more than a thousand young men and women including children due to chemical weapons, the world especially the United States are forced to take a look for a possible solution to the Syrian conflict. As horrifying as the deaths of hundreds of children are,  the United Nations are still in limbo as to what to do. They have been in limbo for the past 2 years since this conflict has started.


Syria child bombmaker

Syrian child bomb-maker


As a simple person who wants to help prevent atrocities like the killing of hundreds of children, I wanted to educate myself with what is going on in the world that I am living in.  There are a lot of debate as to what is the best solution to this problem. Some say it is time to attack the Syrian government for murdering the lives of the innocent children and thousands more its citizens. Some would say that the Syrian people should take action and let them solve their own problems.  I say we must stop the killing in Syria, that is what the UN is for. It should uphold the rights of every person especially women and children. We must work towards ending this conflict once and for all. One thing we must do is to act not tomorrow but today.

5 Places to Visit in Hong Kong


In 2011, I had the chance to visit Asia. My family and I decided to have a vacation in Hong Kong. We stayed there for 4 days and 1 day in Macau. I love Hong Kong more than Macau. I fell in love with this China’s Special Administrative Region. I love the vibrant feeling of the city, the warm welcome of the locals, the rich culture and historical places. Hong Kong is the one who captured my chummy personality.


Here, I’ll share my favorite places in Hong Kong and I will probably visit it early next year:


1. Hong Kong Disneyland. This is where you can feel that you’re young again.



And the best thing about going to Hong Kong Disneyland? The Mickey Mouse train! ūüėÄ



2. The Avenue of Stars.  You can see the names of Hong Kong’s movie icons lie beneath your feet. And you can enjoy this because of the stunning views of the harbour tower above you. Maggie Cheung, Bruce Lee and Chow Yun Fat are among the stars there.


Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee

Maggie Cheung

Maggie Cheung


3. Ladies’ Market. The place where you can buy a lot of stuff because it’s relatively cheap.

Shopping at night.

Shopping at night.


4. Ngong Ping Village. I enjoyed going there because of the cable car! ūüôā You can see the Tian Tan Buddha Statue. Ngong Ping is a¬†culturally themed village has been designed and landscaped to reflect the cultural and spiritual integrity of the place.

Cable Car

Cable Car


There's the Big Buddha

There’s the Big Buddha


5. The Peak. You can actually see the sparkling¬†skyscrapers and Victoria Harbour all the way to the green hills of the New Territories at night. Plus, there’s a Madame Tussauds here.

Madame Tussauds Entrance

Madame Tussauds Entrance


Hong Kong at night

Hong Kong at night


I Love Life

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I consider myself one of those people who value life more than anything else in this world. The moment I was born, I brought great happiness to my mother and father. They always tell me that I was the only one they ever wanted in this world. They want nothing more than see me growing up to be a fine lady and responsible citizen. I can feel their love everyday with the things they sacrifice for me like their jobs. My mother had to resign to her dream job as a book writer because she doesn’t want me to be left under the care of a nanny. That job she just slipped away was her dream job. She worked hard just to be able to grasp it. Then she gave it up to be able to be with me.


My father also sacrificed something important to him just to give my family a comfortable life. He had to work in a foreign country to provide more for our family especially me. I am living a life different from normal people because I am able to study in a prestigious school. That is only one of the privileges I got with the work of my father.

What I can give them back from the many things they’ve done for me is to fulfill my dreams and be the best person I can be and live up to their expectations and my family’s principles.

How To be Productive When Writing


Writing is actually something that I do love to do regardless of how busy I am. The fact that I also make time to do it, I mean there is no excuses when it comes into writing. I can say that having a pen and paper at my bag is something that I should never forget at all time. Well, it’s just turned into habit since I don’t want to miss a chance when a good idea comes to my mind. To think that it is really hard if you start into writing but then there is no ideas that you can use.

The three things that help me to be really productive when writing:

1. Always start in choosing a topic that you like the most – this helps me to really concentrate with what I am about to write. I guess sticking with a topic that I like the most is simply one of the effective way that any student or writers should do. In this way the consistency in what should be written can be achieved.

2. Choose the best place to write – it’s hard to focus when you are in a very crowded and noisy place I can attest that when you are in that kind of environment it’s impossible to do an important. That’s why as much as possible better choose a peaceful place to keep your mind at the right track and be more productive.

3. Read a Lot – this is one of the things that I do to really keep the pace in writing. In this way I can say that I am being productive both in discovering from the things that I read as well as in what I write.


I hope that the following tips might be a helpful one!

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