Top 5 Responsibilities of An Executive Assistant

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The job of an executive assistant may differ greatly from one organization to another. The exact work detail for this line of job is based on the organization of the business where the assistant is employed and the level of assistance that the executive needs from the assistant. An executive assistant is like an upgraded version of a personal secretary. She manages the work life of her executive and sometimes private affairs, as well.

In general, the executive assistant has 5 responsibilities. These are:

Clerical Duties

An executive assistant usually handles communication, organizes information, prepares email and calls, plans events, set travel preparations and general managerial duties.

Contrary to what you see in movies, an executive assistant job does not always entail flashy travels and celebrated meetings. Her everyday job is clerical in nature. Executive assistants are usually in charge of managing their boss’ paperwork. Paperwork may include creating letters, documents, collecting and evaluating information.

This includes email, snail mail, business correspondences and simple filing of documents. Assistants are also expected to operate a calendar, keep a track of meeting and conference schedules and appointments.

A part of her daily task would include answering and making phone calls, sending messages to the appropriate contact person, and handling correspondence like emails and formal letters. An assistant is also expected to handle paper and electronic files. She is also responsible for saving time of her executive by reading, studying and forwards communication to the proper department.

Admin Tasks

In a small business, the executive assistant would be the one to conduct human resources work like posting job vacancies, interviewing candidates and conducting an examination for the job applicant.

Sometimes, the job description would also include tasks like approval of vacation and sick leaves. She is also the go-to person when it comes to documents that need executive approval.

Specialized Tasks

An executive assistant’s tasks often require trade knowledge and business expertise, especially when it comes to supervising research, arranging reports, negotiating with tough clients and circumstances and forecasting business demands.

An outstanding executive assistant is someone who can manage to work under pressure of meeting deadlines and face difficult work situations.

Supervision of other assistants

An executive assistant may have her own assistants depending on the size and structure of the organization. They may generally be secretaries or entry level clerical employees. The executive assistant is normally accountable for guiding their duties, and appointing assignments to them.

The boss may have little or no say in the secretarial structure the executive assistant may set. The executive assistant has the decision on commendations, pay raises and development of her assistants.

She is also the one who conducts training and coaching on her subordinate assistants so they can do a more effective and efficient job.

Maintain executive’s office

An executive assistant makes sure all equipment used for everyday operation is working. She is expected to do preventive repair requirements, follow manufacturer’s tutorial, troubleshoot malfunctions, call for technical repairs, keep an equipment inventory and research new devices and procedures for better productivity.

She keeps herself abreast with professional and technological knowledge by attending informational workshops, reviewing industry literature, establishing professional networks and participating in business groups.

Career Outlook for an Executive Assistant

The overall hiring rate for executive assistants is expected to grow 13% from 2010-2021, which is as fast as the average for all jobs.

Salary Outlook

As recorded in 2012, an executive assistant earns an average salary of $46,670. This is according to a report from the Labor Department.

The highest annual salary for an executive assistant is nearly $72,340 while the lowest amount is around $31,050. The highest paid executive assistants are based in New York City, Nassau in New York and San Jose, California.

Your Decision

With this short description of a life of an executive assistant, are you willing take the challenge and become one?

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The Top Enemy Of Writers

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“My advice is to never do tomorrow what you can do today. Procrastination is the thief of time.” – Charles Dickens

“The really happy people are those who have broken the chains of procrastination, those who find satisfaction in doing the job at hand. They’re full of eagerness, zest, productivity. You can be, too.” Norman Vincent Peale

“The best way to get something done is to begin.” Author Unknown

Ask Yourself: Why do you write?



My Reading Journey

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Aside from writing, one of the things that I really like doing during my spare time is reading. In fact, even if I’m busy with my studies as long as I have extra few minutes of my time I still grab a book and start reading. I have lots of friends who are also bookish or love reading. Actually, this is one common characteristic that we have. We all love books. We talk about what we’ve read and we share everything that we’ve learned through reading. Reading is such an interesting hobby. The reason I love it is because in every book that I read it always takes me into another world. It exercise my imagination and it develops my creativity in writing.

Others say that if you want to become a really good writer you must become a wide reader. Through reading, you can learn variety of approaches on your writing. When you read often you will notice how other writers create their own world into their written works and you can also apply it on your writing. There are plenty of benefits that reading can do for you so I really urge you to at least read and finish a book. When you indulge yourself into reading, you will not only entertained by what you are reading you will also get an emotional satisfaction on it.

If you are encouraged and want to try reading a book, allow me to share you some good reads that you will surely love. I have read these books and I truly enjoyed it. I read different kinds of genre and I don’t limit myself in one particular type of reading. I want to explore all types of book because I want to go in entirely different worlds.

1. To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee


2.  Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen


3.  The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald

4. The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain

5.  Les Misérables by Victor Hugo

The Other Side of Creative Writing

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Movies are one big part of everyone’s lives. Sometimes, there are some people who sees their lives as a big movie. Like me, I always view my life as a movie wherein I am the lead actress and the story revolves around my life. Well, I have seen several movies and I can say that one movie that really caught my attention was the silent movie called the “Phantom of the Opera.”

It really caught my attention that it gave a new spark in my writing interest. Because of that movie, I wanted to try writing some screenplay. I’ve tried doing some which are kinda related to that stuff like story board writing, story line outline writing and even script writing. I guess  have already outgrew a part of creative writing. I sued to do some research paper writing. At first, I really enjoyed doing it but as time passes by, I already in myself that I am already through with it. I need another thing to enhance my writing skills.

So far, I am already on my way in dealing with another part of creative writing. but I guess a lot of practice is really inevitable. I think this stuff I am dealing with right now like, story writing, research paper writing, etc. would serve as my training ground for my future endeavor.

My Education About The Syrian Conflict


The world news has been centered on the Syrian conflict for a number of days. This is because of the alleged use of chemical weapons by the Assad regime on its citizens. With deaths amounting to more than a thousand young men and women including children due to chemical weapons, the world especially the United States are forced to take a look for a possible solution to the Syrian conflict. As horrifying as the deaths of hundreds of children are,  the United Nations are still in limbo as to what to do. They have been in limbo for the past 2 years since this conflict has started.


Syria child bombmaker

Syrian child bomb-maker


As a simple person who wants to help prevent atrocities like the killing of hundreds of children, I wanted to educate myself with what is going on in the world that I am living in.  There are a lot of debate as to what is the best solution to this problem. Some say it is time to attack the Syrian government for murdering the lives of the innocent children and thousands more its citizens. Some would say that the Syrian people should take action and let them solve their own problems.  I say we must stop the killing in Syria, that is what the UN is for. It should uphold the rights of every person especially women and children. We must work towards ending this conflict once and for all. One thing we must do is to act not tomorrow but today.

How To be Productive When Writing


Writing is actually something that I do love to do regardless of how busy I am. The fact that I also make time to do it, I mean there is no excuses when it comes into writing. I can say that having a pen and paper at my bag is something that I should never forget at all time. Well, it’s just turned into habit since I don’t want to miss a chance when a good idea comes to my mind. To think that it is really hard if you start into writing but then there is no ideas that you can use.

The three things that help me to be really productive when writing:

1. Always start in choosing a topic that you like the most – this helps me to really concentrate with what I am about to write. I guess sticking with a topic that I like the most is simply one of the effective way that any student or writers should do. In this way the consistency in what should be written can be achieved.

2. Choose the best place to write – it’s hard to focus when you are in a very crowded and noisy place I can attest that when you are in that kind of environment it’s impossible to do an important. That’s why as much as possible better choose a peaceful place to keep your mind at the right track and be more productive.

3. Read a Lot – this is one of the things that I do to really keep the pace in writing. In this way I can say that I am being productive both in discovering from the things that I read as well as in what I write.


I hope that the following tips might be a helpful one!

Seek First To Understand


How often have you heard someone say, “I know that’s what I said, but what I meant was…” or some other example of it?

Communication is an interesting thing. We use words to convey ideas and often struggle to find the right ones. Speaking of course is the worst because it is real time. All the editing typically happens between the head and the mouth.



Now, if you’re a poor conversationalist, the tips I am about to provide probably won’t help you much. You’re better off renting the movie: The King’s Speech. What I want to work on here is how to be better understood in a more formal speaking setting. That being said, here are some simple tips:

1. Have a point – it is important to be a better communicator. To be clear here, when I say ‘have a point’ I mean something you can articulate in a single sentence. “The reason I am speaking to these people is…”

That sentence will become the anchor to which I attach all the info you are about to provide. Without it the information becomes overwhelming and floats off into the sunset like a boat one the waves.

2. Stick to the point – If you’re being asked to speak you have information. You probably have enough information to speak for hours. But how much of that information supports your point?

In business setting I typically find that something like more that half of the information in any presentation really belongs in an appendix, stuff that supports the talk but isn’t directly connected to the main point. Leave all THAT stuff out. Save it for the question & answer at the end.

3. Consider you audience-  Whatever it is you’re communicating should have some relevance to why your audience is there. Otherwise your point becomes one of trying to prove how smart, or funny, or important you are.

It is important to connect to your audience and learn to seek first to understand rather than just talk about yourself.


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