Things I Remind Myself Everyday

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Every morning as I wake up, I thank God for another wonderful day of my life. And remind myself of these things:

* Before I do my work for the day, I tell to myself…

* When I start writing my masterpiece…

* When I think of things that I am lack of…

* As I lose confidence with myself…

* The last but not the least…


Be Motivated To Write In A Gloomy Weather

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In spite of the gloomy weather outside, I am in the right mood to write. Writing is just a hobby for me and admittedly I only do it when I am motivated. Believe it or not, but my motivation to write actually depends on the weather. It sounds odd but that is true. It is nice to sit comfortably in front of my computer while looking through the window when it’s gray and grim outside.

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Other writers have their own motivations to write and I really admire those who are naturally gifted when it comes to putting down their thoughts on paper. Whatever mood they are in or whatever weather is there outside they have bountiful and bottomless energy that they never run out of ideas nor lose their focus in writing. How I wish I have that kind of talent, when ideas and words just flow effortlessly from my mind into my fingertips without being distracted on whatever is happening around me.

pic 2

But anyway, I won’t let this gloomy and gray weather passes by without writing anything. This is the perfect time for me to write. I can feel that there are some good ideas percolating inside my head already. This type of weather really gets my imagination and creativity on fire. I should get going and work on my story. So yeah, I have to leave you here because I am working for something. Once I’m done with it I will gonna share it here so look forward to it.

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