The Way To Get Inspired

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It will be a tough thing to write about something that you like the most but then the idea on how you are going to start with it seems a big problems. In anything that you do, you have to really consider a lot of things first. When it comes in writing, there are of course a lot to be considered first, since it will be better that when you write you do have to make sure that everything will be in order.
To be inspired is certainly one of the secret in  writing regardless of what kind of topic that should work on. It’s hard to keep that sense of being inspired but definitely the following tips will be a good start.

1. Think Deep – seriously, this is one of the frustrating thing since you cannot be that sure on what path you are going. The idea that there will definitely a lot of things that might run on you mind. That is why you have to think with depth just before you start writing anything.

2. Think of Something Funny – it is definitely that hard to write with a really serious mood in mind. It might get in your way if you stressed yourself up with lots of stuff. Take things slowly and thing of some funny things to survive the loads of frustrations

3. Put A Smile in Your Face – this might sound a bit cheesy, but it certainly works depending on how you do it. To be inspired does not really intend you to think too far but just think and have that smile in you, you will certainly get that wonderful idea on what you are about to write.

It’s really a challenging thing to write, definitely you will be test on how long you can stand whenever the you are loaded with a lot of writing stuff. To be creative tends to be really that tough when you feel that you mind and body is not that cooperating. That is why it is better to remember that once you start to engage yourself into writing make sure that it would be something worthy. Remember that putting lots of hard work on what you do is really something to feel proud off, you must not think of how to easily escape but make sure that every single thing that you write is worth all the hard work and time.


Dreams of a Young Writer


Every writer, whether professional nor a newbie, has a lot of dreams. I believe that not only writers but even those people who are in different fields. As a young writer, my dreams are quite high. I want all of it to come true but I don’t know when and how. I guess many of us have this problem. We have many things in mind that we want to do but we don’t know where to start and how to do it. The enemies of writers why they can’t get what they want or achieve their dream are fear, lack of self-confidence, and lack of perseverance. If you really want to achieve something or reach all your goals in life we should not be afraid to fail, to commit mistakes, and be doubtful of our skills. Let’s dream big and aim high. Start from dreaming of what you want to become then start doing something to get in there.

I want to share you the dreams that I want to achieve in the near future. And I hope that you do the same.


This is what every writer wants, right? I am not sure with you but for me, writing a book and be able to publish it is on the top of my dream list.

Someday… I will get my bags and travel around the world. I will write everything about the place, people, and culture that I have been to and share it to the world.

To have my own writer’s space.

They say this only happens in stories or in books. I don’t care if this thing doesn’t exist in reality, but I still believe that it can come true. (hopefully)

The Top Enemy Of Writers

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“My advice is to never do tomorrow what you can do today. Procrastination is the thief of time.” – Charles Dickens

“The really happy people are those who have broken the chains of procrastination, those who find satisfaction in doing the job at hand. They’re full of eagerness, zest, productivity. You can be, too.” Norman Vincent Peale

“The best way to get something done is to begin.” Author Unknown

Ask Yourself: Why do you write?



To all newbie, seasoned, and aspiring writers out there!

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Do you have a story worth telling? Share it with me. I’d love to read your story. 🙂

The Other Side of Creative Writing

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Movies are one big part of everyone’s lives. Sometimes, there are some people who sees their lives as a big movie. Like me, I always view my life as a movie wherein I am the lead actress and the story revolves around my life. Well, I have seen several movies and I can say that one movie that really caught my attention was the silent movie called the “Phantom of the Opera.”

It really caught my attention that it gave a new spark in my writing interest. Because of that movie, I wanted to try writing some screenplay. I’ve tried doing some which are kinda related to that stuff like story board writing, story line outline writing and even script writing. I guess  have already outgrew a part of creative writing. I sued to do some research paper writing. At first, I really enjoyed doing it but as time passes by, I already in myself that I am already through with it. I need another thing to enhance my writing skills.

So far, I am already on my way in dealing with another part of creative writing. but I guess a lot of practice is really inevitable. I think this stuff I am dealing with right now like, story writing, research paper writing, etc. would serve as my training ground for my future endeavor.

How To be Productive When Writing


Writing is actually something that I do love to do regardless of how busy I am. The fact that I also make time to do it, I mean there is no excuses when it comes into writing. I can say that having a pen and paper at my bag is something that I should never forget at all time. Well, it’s just turned into habit since I don’t want to miss a chance when a good idea comes to my mind. To think that it is really hard if you start into writing but then there is no ideas that you can use.

The three things that help me to be really productive when writing:

1. Always start in choosing a topic that you like the most – this helps me to really concentrate with what I am about to write. I guess sticking with a topic that I like the most is simply one of the effective way that any student or writers should do. In this way the consistency in what should be written can be achieved.

2. Choose the best place to write – it’s hard to focus when you are in a very crowded and noisy place I can attest that when you are in that kind of environment it’s impossible to do an important. That’s why as much as possible better choose a peaceful place to keep your mind at the right track and be more productive.

3. Read a Lot – this is one of the things that I do to really keep the pace in writing. In this way I can say that I am being productive both in discovering from the things that I read as well as in what I write.


I hope that the following tips might be a helpful one!

Be Motivated To Write In A Gloomy Weather

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In spite of the gloomy weather outside, I am in the right mood to write. Writing is just a hobby for me and admittedly I only do it when I am motivated. Believe it or not, but my motivation to write actually depends on the weather. It sounds odd but that is true. It is nice to sit comfortably in front of my computer while looking through the window when it’s gray and grim outside.

pic 1

Other writers have their own motivations to write and I really admire those who are naturally gifted when it comes to putting down their thoughts on paper. Whatever mood they are in or whatever weather is there outside they have bountiful and bottomless energy that they never run out of ideas nor lose their focus in writing. How I wish I have that kind of talent, when ideas and words just flow effortlessly from my mind into my fingertips without being distracted on whatever is happening around me.

pic 2

But anyway, I won’t let this gloomy and gray weather passes by without writing anything. This is the perfect time for me to write. I can feel that there are some good ideas percolating inside my head already. This type of weather really gets my imagination and creativity on fire. I should get going and work on my story. So yeah, I have to leave you here because I am working for something. Once I’m done with it I will gonna share it here so look forward to it.

5 Ways Writing Has Made Me A Better Person

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This is why writing is important. People should try it more often.

Thought Catalog

1. It makes me more empathic.

There is an old saying about “wearing many hats”; well a writer has to wear many heads. You cannot get away with writing from the outside in; you must learn to live inside another mind. Doing that in writing makes it easy to extend that to your personal life. Questions like “What is this person’s motivation? What drives him or her?” don’t have to be limited to writing workshops or book clubs; these questions also apply to real people in real situations, and understanding that means understanding them.

2. It makes me a better reader.

I’ve always loved to read, but it wasn’t until I began to write seriously that I fully appreciated what a joy a perfectly executed sentence is. I read somewhere that Hunter S. Thompson as a young man used to re-write “The Great Gatsby” line by line to help him…

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Babble, Babble, Babble


I have been planning on writing a short story for days now. but I can’t seem to think of anything to write about. I mean, don’t get me wrong. I’m not uninspired or anything. I just can’t think of something to write about that I think will be a good read. yeah, call me a itsy bitsy perfectionist, but when I write something, I put real effort into it. I don’t wanna just smash the keyboard and then BOOM! a wild short story appeared!

But anyway, I was wondering if I could write about a girl that travels. you know? someone who travels a lot! and she likes writing and photography and stuff. and the story unfolds ala Eat.Pray.Love..but wait, a short story would not suffice with that plot!

Another problem is this. I really really love writing. I could probably write a lot but I don’t think I have the patience to write a novel! I don’t think I could craft a coherent plot. and to just add, I am pretty lame at writing endings because I always AVOID like the plague an ending that seems to cliche’. so instead of writing some happy ending, I kinda leave my readers (if there’s any) pray love

But that’s just really my story and my style. I want to write about something relevant. you know, kinda like a social critique. like let’s say about the NSA or something. yeah! yeah! how about that, wait for it. I’ll post it here.


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